Computer Networks : Experts

1. What is the Subnet Mask if the number of host in a network are 48 and IP address is

2. What is the size of address in the frame structure of HDLC Protocol?

3. IEEE standard for Integrated Data & Voice Network is __________?

4. IEEE standard for Integrated Fiber Optics Technical Advisory Group is ________?

5. What is the CIDR, Subnet Mask & Block size of a network having IP Address ?

6. What is the Subnet Mask of a network of IP and having 99 hosts?

7. What would be the range of a network having 64 hosts and as IP address?

8. Arrange the following cables is decreasing order of their bandwidth : Twisted pair, Co-Axial, Optical Fiber.

9. Arrange the following cables is increasing order of their speed : Twisted Pair Cable, Co-Axial Cable, Optical Fibre

10. Administrative Distance(AD) of IGRP & IS-IS protocols are __________?