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Data Warehouse Components : Introduction

  • Data warehouse components, means the ingredients required to design and develop a data warehouse.
  • These components are responsible for the overall functioning of the data warehouse in an expected manner. These components are broadly categorized into five. These are:
This image describes the various data warehouse components that are used.
Data Warehouse Components

  1. Source Data Components : These components generally forms the fundamental structure of any data warehouse. They contains the internal & external data, data that is archived and assembly data.
  2. Data Store Components : These components are responsible for storing the large volume of data. Data marts are the data storage components.
  3. Data Staging Components : Once data is stored in data storage components, certain operations to clean the data are performed. These operations are called as Data Staging Components and data extraction, data loading. Data cleaning and Refresh are the examples of it.
  4. Information Delivery & Meta Data Components : These components are responsible for executing the information delivery request on the basis of users. These users can be normal users or either power users.
  5. Management & Control Components : These components are responsible for overall control and management of the other data warehouse components. It ensures that all the other components are working a expected and are not affecting the overall performance of the data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Components : Metadata & Metadata Repository

  • Metadata describes the detailed information about other data.
  • Metadata are like comments. They just describes what a particular data set is meant for. Hence, Metadata en-routes the users towards main data as per requirement.
  • Metadata can be classified into three:
    • Operational Metadata.
    • Business Metadata.
    • Technical Metadata.

This image describes the concept of meta data in data warehouse.
Metadata : Data Warehouse
  • Metadata Repository on the other hand describes the overall structure of the data warehouse. Metadata categories when combined together forms a metadata repository.

Metadata Repository = Operational Metadata + Business Metadata + Technical Metadata

This image describes the concept of meta data repository in data warehouse.
Metadata Repository : Data Warehouse