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Software Reviews : Introduction

  • Software Reviews is a process of assessing a software product either in a formal manner or in an informal manner. The software review can include or can be done in the presence of customers, users, managers etc.
  • Software reviews are generally categorized into three:
This image describes the various types of Software Reviews that can be implemented on software products for their software quality.
Software Reviews

Software Reviews : Software Peer Reviews

  • Code Review: A code review is a process of analyzing the computer source code for defects.
  • Pair Programming: An inspection is an advanced form of code review in which a pair of programmers develops code for a software product on same work system.
  • Inspection: An inspection is the most formal type of software peer review in which defects are found using well defined processes.
  • Walk-through: A walk-through a form of peer review in which the leader demonstrates the work of the software product and the participants are asked to comment on the defects.
  • Technical Review: A technical review is a peer review in which the software product is checked for its functionality by a team of professionals for its use and identifies any vulnerabilities.

Software Reviews : Software Management Review

  • The management study of a software project about its resource allocation is called as software management review.
  • The software management reviews are carried out by the management of the governing body of that software project.
  • Also, the goal of software management reviews is to identify the consistency and deviation of software project from its original path.

Software Reviews : Software Audit Review

  • A Software audit is a process of scrutiny a software product for its functionalities and specifications.
  • A software audit review is a type of software review in which auditing of software product is done by members other than the development team.
  • The goal of software audit review is to assess the specification and compliance of a software product.