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Software Testing : Introduction

  • Software Testing is a process to detect and remove errors from the software product.
  • The purpose of software testing is to show that the program performs its internal functionalities correctly.
  • Software Testing is the process to meet specifications of a software in order to improve quality and reduce risk in the software.
  • It is the procedure used to execute a program with intent of finding errors.

Software Testing : Basic Terminologies

  • Bugs: When an error is found during the development phase and is accepted by developers is called as Bug.
  • Defects: When the actual result deviates from the expected results and is found by testers then, it is called as defect in a software product.
  • ErrorWhen the functionality of the software products gets changed i.e. mistake made while coding are called as Errors. For example: Wrong syntax and infinite loops can cause errors.
  • Faults: A wrong step or process which can cause a software product to behave inappropriately is called as Fault.
  • Failures: When the faults in a software product gets executed, they turns into Failures.

Software Testing : Test Cases

  • Test cases are well maintained and well documented procedure designs that can be used to test the functionality and features of any software product.
  • Finding errors in the software program is the main objective of designing test cases.
  • Test cases contains the identity number in order to check for the behavior of software program.
  • There are five major components of test case strategy. These are:
    1. Test Case Id:Identity number for each test cases.
    2. Purpose:The motive of generating test cases.
    3. Precondition:The conditions that are implied on the input in order to generate desired outputs.
    4. Inputs.
    5. Outputs. 

Software Testing : Test Suits

  • When multiple test cases are combined together, it generates a test suit.
  • Each test suit can have multiple test cases and a test case can be added to any of the test suit as per requirement.
  • Test suits contains both functional as well as non-functional testing.

Software Testing : Test Suit
Software Testing : Test Suit

Software Testing : Testing Oracle

  • A testing oracle is a structural technique that can be used for checking the validity of test cases i.e. to check whether the test cases has passed or not.
  • This primary goal is achieved by operating these testing oracle separately from the system testing.
  • The testing oracle suit contains:
    1. Oracle Load Testing
    2. Oracle Test Manage.
    3. Oracle Functional Testing.

Software Testing : Software Audits

  • When the whole software product is examined for its compliance and standardization, it is known as software audits.
  • The software audits are done in order to generate action plans along with identification of risk related to projects.
  • Software auditing process consists of three components. These are:
    1. Planning.
    2. Auditing.
    3. Follow-Up.