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Types Of MANET : Introduction

  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks covers a large number of technological fields an aspects for providing its services. This can be achieved using the types of MANET as per the requirements at the point of situation. There are three major types of MANET which are mostly used:

This image describes the types of MANET that can be used in computer networks according the need and requirements.
Types of MANET

1. SPANs

  • SPANs stands for Smartphone Based Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.
  • The type of MANET that can be used across mobile phone devices by creating peer-to-peer network through the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology.

2. iMANETs

  • iMANETs stands for Internet Based Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.
  • The type of MANET which works on the concept of networking protocols including User Datagram protocol, Transmission control Protocol, Internet protocol and Routing information protocol.


  • VANETs stands for Vehicular Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.
  • The type of MANETs which can be used across vehicles and road safety devices for communication purpose which in turn responsible for smooth and secure vehicle behaviour across the roads.

MANETs  : Categories

  • MANETs can be broadly classified into two types :

1. Single Hop

  • Single hop MANETs are those which contains a maximum distance of one hop from another hop. Hop means a node or a device or a router. This means a peer-to-peer network can be called as a single hop MANET. For Example : Bluetooth Network.

2. Multihop

  • Multihop MANETs are those which two or more than devices can be placed a hop apart from each other. For Example : Police Network.

What is QoS in MANET?

  • Quality of services describes the overall performance of any Mobile Ad-Hoc Network. This Network can be a Multi-hop network or a single hop network.
  • The parameters of exploring QoS for any MANET are:
    • Delay in network.
    • Availability of network.
    • Bandwidth of network.
    • Security of network.
    • Power consumption of network.
  • QoS is a measure of Quality service that is guaranteed.

MANETs : Applications

  • Integration of Internet Protocol(v4) & Internet Protocol(v6).
  • Digital Image Processing.
  • Multicasting.
  • Protocol for Unified Multicasting through Announcements(PUMA).
  • Topology of network.