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Routing In MANET : Introduction

  • In any network whenever data transmission occurs, it is done through a series of nodes that are connected from source to destination. The shortest path to transmit the data from source to destination is called as route and this process is called as routing.Discovering the shortest route among a mobile ad-hoc network is called as Routing in MANET.
  • Hence, we can conclude that, if an optimal path can be determined along with the transmission of data through network of nodes, routing can be achieved.
  • These data packets cannot be sent randomly and requires a set of procedures or rules to define the path or route and these are known as routing protocols.
  • For Example : Consider a network with nodes N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 & N6 and N1 wants to send data packet N6. So with the help of concept of routing and routing protocols, a shortest path will be defined simultaneously the data packet reaches a particular node.

Route 1: N1 -> N2 -> N3 -> N4 -> N6.

Route 2: N1 -> N2 -> N3 -> N6.

Route 3: N1 -> N2 -> N6.

Here, Route 3 will be the shortest path and packet will be sent through this path only.

This image describes a sample network over which routing is to be implemented.
Routing In MANET

Routing Protocols : MANET

  • The routing protocols used in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks can be categorized as the mentioned below and are discussed in next chapters:
    • Active Protocols.
    • Proactive Protocols.
This image describes routing in MANET. Various routing protocols are categorized on their basis of their functionalities.
Routing Protocols : MANET