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Mobile Computing : Introduction

  • A technology that is capable of providing an environment which enables users to transmit data from one device to other device without the use of any physical link/cables is known as Mobile Computing.
  • It means, data transmission is done wireless-ly with the help of wireless devices such as mobiles, laptops etc.
  • Whenever any device is connected to a network without being connected physically over a link or cable, data transmission such as messages, voice recording, videos etc. can be done be done by using the concept of mobile computing.
  • Mobile Computing technology helps users to access and transmit data from any remote locations without being present there physically.
  • Thus, having such a big coverage diameter, it is one of the fastest and most reliable sectors of computing technology field.

Mobile Communication : Introduction

  • Mobile Communication is the framework that is responsible behind the working of mobile computing technology.
  • It ensures the consistency and reliability of communication process through this framework.
  • Mobile communication framework includes communication devise such as mobiles, laptops, as rules of conduct, fitness etc. They are responsible for delivering of smooth communication process.
  • Mobile communication can be of one of the following form as mentioned below.

This image describes the concept of mobile communication in the field of mobile computing.
Mobile Communication

  1. Mobile and Wired : In this configuration, Some of the devices are wired and some are mobile in nature. For Example : Laptops.
  2. Fixed and Wired : In this configuration, The devices are fixed at a position and are connected through a physical link for communication. For Example : Office/Desktop Computer.
  3. Mobile and Wireless : In this configuration, devices can communicate(data transmission) with each other irrespective of their position and can connect to any network without the use of any wired device. For Example : WiFi Dongle.

Applications : Mobile Computing

  • Some of the major field in which mobile computing can be applied are:
    • Web or Internet access.
    • Global Position System(GPS).
    • Emergency services.
    • Entertainment services
    • Educational services.