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Artificial Intelligence(AI) : An Introduction

  • Artificial intelligence can be defined as " the branch of computer science that is concerned with automation of computer system in an intelligent manner as like as humans".
  • Artificial Intelligence focuses on developing computer programs to solve complex problems and process .
  • What humans can do, now can be performed by machines too just, because of AI.
  • AI is used because, it saves a whole lot of time and manpower.

Components : Artificial Intelligence

  • There are six major components of an artificial intelligence system. They are solely responsible for generating desired results from a computer system. These are:
This image describes the different components which in combine constitutes the overall artificial intelligence technology. It includes both hardware and software logic.
Artificial Intelligence Component
  1. Knowledge Representation: It is the foundation of an AI System. It is a knowledge base with the help of which machines can perform tasks and generate results as good as humans.
  2. Heuristic Searching Techniques: With large knowledge base containing huge amount of information, searching data from this could be a difficult task. In order to solve this issue, heuristic searching techniques can be used which can provide results(because of certain criteria) as early as possible with minimum efforts.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Hardware: Implementation of developed programs can only be done when a hardware of certain compatibility is present. It must be fast enough to accommodate and produce searching results. Memory container should be large as it is needed for the knowledge base. Also, Without the presence of AI hardware, implementation of AI systems would fail.
  4. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: This component enables AI programs to capture the inputs on its own by generating a real world scenario against it. Also, good hardware will be able to gather patterns and those patterns further can be used as knowledge.
  5. Natural Language Processing: It is an engineering of system that processes or analyses written or spoken languages. Speech recognition is not sufficient to capture real world data. Only acquiring the word sequence into computer is not enough and parsing the sentence is not enough either. Hence, Natural Language processing provides the understanding of domain of text to the computers.
  6. Artificial Intelligence Language and Support Tools: AI languages are similar to software  development programming languages but with a slight difference, as AI languages tries to capture human brain processes and logic as much as possible. One of the mostly used language in AI is the mathematical concept of “Logic”.

Characteristics : Artificial Intelligence System

  • Computer system thinking and performing like humans.
  • Intelligent Behavior.
  • Speech Recognition Ability.
  • Computer Vision Ability.
  • Decision making Ability.
  • Keeps on learning and improving in order to generate desired results.

Applications : Artificial Intelligence

This image describes the different categories of applications of artificial intelligence. It shows the range of artificial intelligence technology.
Artificial Intelligence : Applications

Intelligent Agents

  • Intelligent Agents are self-driven entities having the property of observing through sensors and acting upon it through actuators in order to achieve goals.
  • With the help of learning and knowledge extraction ability, Intelligent agents can achieve their goals.
  • There are different intelligent agents based upon their functionalities i.e. simple intelligent agents and complex intelligent agents.
  • For example: Robotic Bots.

Types : Intelligent Agents