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Computer Vision : Introduction

  • The process of extraction of knowledge or information from images that are real world entities is known as the computer vision.
  • It is the branch of machine learning and artificial intelligence that deals with absorption of information from digital images and videos.
  • It is highly concerned with the auto extraction, understanding¬† and analysis of useful data and information from a single image or sequence of images.
  • It includes methods of acquiring, analyzing, processing and understanding images and videos.
  • The sub domains of are:
This image describes the various sub domains of computer vision in artificial intelligence.
Sub Domains : Computer Vision

Computer Vision : Working

  • Initially, the object is stored on the basis of its attributes and properties.
  • In the next step, a subset of attributes is selected whose values provide object grouping or clustering.
  • Further, using selected attribute values object and class characterization models are learnt by forming generalized prototype description, rules of classification and decision functions.
This image describes the working principle of computer vision in artificial intelligence.
Computer Vision : Working
  • Then, with the stored models object features are stored and further refinement and adjustments can be performed in order to improve the quality and speed of object identification.
  • Hence, computer vision tries to imitate the results of what human vision system is capable of.‚Äč