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Future Aspects : Artificial Intelligence

  • With change and improvements in artificial intelligence technology, one can easily depict that future of artificial intelligence will be a great boon and will affect (in positive direction) humans the most.
  • Artificial Intelligence would be able to outperform humans in almost every field. From science and technology to machinery, transportation to automation, weather to environmental effects and many more. All of the fields which one can think of will be taken off by artificial intelligence and it can have adverse effects on humans too.
  • All the work related to any of the fields will be automated which will finally result in layoff in jobs in almost every sector.
  • Apart from this it would have positive effects too. Higher accuracy and precision will be  reached. For example in medical surgeries, all of which would be automated and done by robots only which would result in less chances of faults an errors. 
  • The possibilities are endless as artificial intelligence is getting more intelligent and futuristic day by day.
  • Following can be possible field where Artificial Intelligence Would overcome humans:
    1. Transportation
    2. Medical Sector
    3. Information Technology and Computer Science
    4. Robotics
    5. MIS etc.